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For each action described below, you will receive points.

These points could be exchanged to USD once you've reached 1000 points ($10).

We grant points to our users for the actions mentioned below:

  • writing stories/comments
  • like or share stories
  • referral visits
  • when someone interacts with your stories
  • when someone registers to our platform using your referral link
  • when you send a report for irrelevant content
  • bonus points for most likes, most active or most interesting comment or story

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How it works?

Follow the instructions below to get paid!

STEP 1: Register

Verify Your Account by clicking on the link in the email received after the registration (Email Verification). Once your registration has been validated, you could log in .

STEP 2: Posting Rules and Collecting Points

Read Posting Requirements and more about collecting Points

STEP 3: Unlock "Collecting Points"

In order to start collecting points, you must agreed with our Terms. Go to Unlock page and accept the Terms. After it, you can start earning points.

STEP 3: Choose a website
  • Go to the website where you would like to write.
  • Log in the website (with the same credentials - email and password)
  • Create Story or Take a comment
  • Wait for an approval. It takes up to a few hours (minutes).
  • After approval of the story, you will get points.
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Minimum payout is $10

Payment Method: Paypal

No hidden fees

One Account = Writing in 15 premium websites

Posting stories and comments

Referral Program